What a boar!

My husband left for work the other day at about 7.30am.  A couple of minutes later, he walked back in to the kitchen to tell me that he’d just come face to face with a wild boar.  He had opened the back door to our house to go to the car and there, at the bottom of the stone steps standing on the gravel just a couple of feet away was a large, hairy wild boar. A real Big Daddy. Man and boar were equally startled by this unexpected meeting. They eyeballed each other for a few seconds before one of them grunted and trotted across the garden into the woods (the one not holding the car keys).

Half an hour later, I saw the sow and her young (actually they were only a bit smaller than the sow) at the other end of the garden and later still, the same group reunited with the boar.

We had no idea these unusual visitors had made it west of the River Wye (especially after the disproportionate toll increase).  I know they have a bad reputation for being dog-chasing lawn wreckers but we were thrilled by their visit.

Sadly, the photo is not mine.  I was too busy staring with my mouth open to grab a camera.  It’s by kind permission of Chris Grady, wildlife photographer (www.wildlife-imaging.co.uk). 


  1. Lucy Kelaart says:

    Better they met out in the open than in the boardroom.

    Will we have a recipe soon?

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