My favourite mussel recipe

Here is my recipe for Cuaig Bay Mussels.

1.)  Drive to Scotland

2.) As you venture into the wilds of Scotland, start to marvel at the indescribably stunning surroundings

2b.) and the hirsute residents

3.) Recover from the 600 mile drive (distances may vary but this was my route)

4.) In the morning, pack a metal grill and some matches along with anything else you feel you should take with you e.g. drinking water, wellies, chocolate, your children.

4.) Head across the hauntingly beautiful, desolate Scottish landscape to a deserted bit of coast.

5.) Keep an eye out for dried sticks and fallen branches on the way – make sure you have accumulated enough firewood before you get to the sea.

6.) On arrival, find a sheltered, rocky location for your fire. Lay the fire with a few sprigs of dried heather, cover them with some small twigs and light with a match. As the fire takes hold, add some bigger pieces of wood.

7.) While the fire gets established, start scouring for mussels in submerged gullies and crevices nearby.

8.) Keep an eye on the tide and take care on slippery rocks

9.) Collect plenty of mussels, picking the largest ones you can find

10.) When the fire is good and hot (and the flames have died down but there is still smoke coming from the embers) place the mussels on the metal grill and wait for them to slowly open. (On our adventure, we also took some strong flour and wild yeast starter so we could cook bread at the same time as the mussels.)

11.) Allow the mussels to sit in the wood smoke for a minute or two, discarding any mussels that fail to open. Then carefully lift them off the fire, break them open and eat them straight from the shell.

12.) When everyone has had enough, carefully extinguish the last remnants of your fire and head off with the immense satisfaction that comes from foraging and cooking your own lunch in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.



  1. Veryboredcook says:

    Love this recipe! Not quite a midweek snack but certainly sounds like a blissful weekend!

  2. Rupert Turner says:

    What a brilliant recipe! You could, of course reduce your mileage and go to the Ardnamurchan peninsula , and create a similar dish merely changing the name to Rhu Bhan mussels.

    • kathmar says:

      Thank you for your very astute comment. I could actually drive 5 miles to the fishmonger and call it ‘Fabulous Fish’ mussels but where’s the fun in that?!!

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