A walk on the wild side

I was delighted when Mark Williams of Galloway Wild Foods agreed to come and lead a day’s foraging as a special Kather’s Kitchen event on the wild and beautiful Ardnamurchan Peninsula last month.

The event took place in and around Salen Bay, which presented an incredible range of habitats in a relatively small area – perfect for a foraging event. Mark found over 70 edible species of plant and mushroom across four different environments – hedgerow, salt marsh, coastal and ancient oak woodland. At the end of the foraging walk, we headed to a fabulous woodland shelter for a wild lunch, using some of the delectable ingredients we had gathered during the morning.

The day’s foraging favourites included orache, scurvy grass, silver weed, sea aster, sea kale, sea blite, sea arrow grass, meadowsweet, bittercress, arse smart, red clover, sheep sorrel, self-heal, nettle, pineapple weed, hogweed, white dead nettle, rowan, blaeberry, wild strawberry, chanterelle and bay bolete.

Here are some pictures from our day.



  1. Rupert Turner says:

    It was a brilliant and extremely enlightening day even for one who has lived and worked on the land all my life. Mark Williams displayed an encyclopaedic knowledge of fungi and plants. The food he and Katherine produced at the end was delicious,inspirational and looked beautiful. I sincerely hope he and Kather’s kitchen will have another foraging day in Ardnamurchan next year. Well done!!

  2. Charles says:

    Sounds fabulous. Can we have one nearer to home, please?

    • kathmar says:

      We’ve got a very exciting plan up our sleeves for a local event involving wild food. It’s not exactly foraging but it’s rather wild & wonderful. It’s happening on the evening of 19th December…more details to follow soon!

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